• Monocle lens

    Monocle lens

    I collect old disposable cameras and reuse their plastic lenses, which I put into a 3D printed body. This lens will help you achieve the effect of old fashion magazine photos or the VHS feeling when shooting videos. @monoclelens Fujifilm X-T5+ Monocle lens How it is made: Monocle lens overview (CZE)

  • E-ink watch

    E-ink watch

    I promised myself to wear smartwatch only if:
a) They use e-ink technology
b) I make them myself…or combination of both

  • Random marathon generator

    Random marathon generator

    This app allows runners to spontaneously create a 42 km track route from wherever they may be. With a simple interaction, the Random Marathon Generator (RMG) offers a unique route for each run, adding an element of surprise to a marathon training. It also records time and pace, providing valuable data to reflect on users…